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SONORAN FOOTHILLS  Fall  2023 Sessions

This program is offered to the birth years 2019-2008 and runs 10  weeks.   2 weeks of training followed by 8 weeks of training and games. Practices will begin the week of Monday, September 4th  and are offered once per week.     Each practice will include a  45 minute session with our Sonoran Foothills Soccer Pro-Trainers, then a 45 minute session with each team's primary coach .  

PRACTICE LOCATIONS:                

Deems Hill Recreation

Paseo Highlands

For any younger siblings, family members wanting to try soccer out, or just interest shown by friends or family, please spread the word and share the love of soccer!   

Registration Now Open !!!

Parent coach volunteer and sibling discounts available.  

Registration Now Open :   

 "Starters" Class 

Sonoran Foothills Soccer League "Starter Class" is a great program for the younger ones or ones who are just starting out in the soccer world.  There will be a 45 minute practice from 4:30-5:15 PM 

***PLEASE NOTE***With Starter classes, you do NOT have to commit to one specific day.  Walk-ins are permitted, although registration is required. 

Prices: $15 for single session, $55 for 4 sessions, Sessions MUST be used within season.  No roll overs or refund on any unused sessions. 

Sonoran Foothills Soccer Organization

602 466-1860